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For people who want their business blog to actually generate leads...
For people who want their business blog to actually generate leads...
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Jim Pirrie
20 May 2017
"Integration Testing - This is the comment"

Integration Testing - This is the SEO title

Integration Testing - This is the SEO description This is the SEO description read more...
Jim Pirrie
29 March 2017
"I remember being told time and time again I should have a narrow niche for my business but, like most people trying to market a small business, how I resisted! I wish I'd listened sooner. Here are my thoughts on how I think about it these days..."

Skeptical? Here's Why & How To Choose A Niche For Your Small Business

If you are marketing your own small business then you've been endlessly told to "choose your niche"! But have you done it? Perhaps these ideas will help... read more...
Jim Pirrie
15 March 2017
"If you're starting out your own, naming your business can soak up a lot of time and emotion..."

What's In A Name? How To Choose A Moniker For Your Business

Choosing a business name seems to be a big deal for people - it has been for me in the past - and it can soak up so much time and energy! What a distraction! read more...
Jim Pirrie
10 March 2017
"These are my touchstones for when things start to get rocky..."

How to keep going when confidence falters...

Sometimes you wonder if your map is actually of the territory you are on! But that's when the real breakthroughs can happen - if you remember the 3 Cs... read more...
Jim Pirrie
09 March 2017
"What's the secret of turning a dull video into an interesting one? Well here's a start..."

Are you hiding the true face of your business?

There are hundreds of thousands of people like you and me: running their own businesses of one sort or another. This is the sad thing: most of them are hiding. read more...
Jim Pirrie
08 March 2017
"There's definitely a freedom in running your own businesses - but there are real and important personal challenges too.."

Where are YOUR limits? (And what are you going to do about it?)

When you run your own show, how about your personal angle: what would be a step too far? Being on video? Working with a particular type of client? I wonder... read more...
Jim Pirrie
07 March 2017
"Here's a trap I've fallen into several times..."

What's the most important element in YOUR brand?

I've lost count of the times I've found myself disappearing down this particular rathole - with minimal return. I wonder - familiar to you too? read more...
Jim Pirrie
06 March 2017
"One article a day for at least the next 30 days. Can I stick to it? Let's see..."

Jim's New Blog: The Experiment Begins...

A brand-new blogging platform, a brand new blog about marketing for small business, and a challenge to post once a day for at least 30 days! Come and join me... read more...


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