Jim Pirrie

Jim Pirrie

I've been running my own businesses on and off now since 2001, and wow! there have been some massive changes!

However, for the first part of my career I worked in Marketing and Product Development on some of the UK's major telecommunications and media companies.

Now the interesting thing about Product Development is the unique place it has in an organisation.

Product Development is the part of the business that takes ideas from the business and turns them into commercial reality.

That means Product Development sit at the very point where everything meets: finance, marketing, operations, IT, sales, planning and even HR.

And that gives you a pretty broad perspective.

One of the roles of Product Development is to make sure everyone understands precisely what is going on and how it all fits together (or else it just won't!).

Now when I meet people running their own small businesses, I see that so many people simply don't understand how it does all fit together. Websites and social media and video and e-commerce and email and on and on and on...

And that can make it very difficult for you to plan and prioritise: it's so easy to get swept away by the latest thing. So much choice, so many options, and so many people telling you their thing is the best thing (and doing so very cleverly).

So this blog is about helping you to see through all that.

Sure, it is undeniably a complex world but, contrary to popular opinion, the underlying principles are still quite straightforward. If you can get those, then you have a framework for making decisions that will serve you well.

But if you don't, then your decisions will be swayed by the most compelling sales pitch. And that's not good.

I see my job being to help you to see through that complexity - through all the fear, uncertainty and doubt - so that you can build your own clear, rational and informed assessment of what you and your business actually need.

Welcome aboard...

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