Series: "The Seven Deadly Sins of Business"

#1: The Big Squeeze Seduction

Almost every business owner I speak to complains about this - and yet there is a reluctance to admit there might be a way through it.

The thing is, so many businesses feel massively constrained about the prices they believe they can ask for their services.

And the problem is made worse by their competition slashing prices out of desperation to win the business. Life is a perpetual price war - and in a price war nobody wins.

Not even the client. No, especially not the client because corners get cut and service gets compromised.

Often the root of the problem is rooted in a lack of clarity about the distinctiveness and unique true value of the services offered - especially in our sort of businesses where the client is buying a personal service - in effect, the client is buying our own personal experience and expertise and - most important of all - our own take on those things.

And nobody else has that.

So although the problem of the Big Squeeze seems to be universal and unavoidable, perhaps the way out from under it lies in better understanding - and communicating - our own uniqueness.

I'll come back to this again later - perhaps it's important...

I've created an infographic to summarise all seven Deadly Sins: you can download it free, print it off and put it somewhere near your desk as a daily reminder of some of the common traps by which we, as business owners, can find ourselves unwittingly and oh so easily seduced.

Download it here:

Seven Deadly Sins Infographic Download

To your business success!


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