Series: "The Seven Deadly Sins of Business"

#2: The Bottom-Line Boneshaker

The very curse of the Self-Employed Professional!

When there's work, there's no time for marketing, but plenty of income.

Actually, many people I speak to about this just don't have time for anything because they are working so much. Family, hobbies, exercise, you name it. And they sometimes feel compelled to take on any work that comes their way - however busy they are or however distasteful the work - because of anxiety about letting work pass by.

And it's only when there's no work that the marketing gets done, under pressure, in arush and, because there's no work there's no income to fund the marketing!

Feast and famine, and the circle goes round.

Sound familiar?

How to get out of this trap?

Two possible avenues come to mind.

The first one is this: stop playing Lead Generation Roulette.

And the second?

Well, this is a problem caused by a combination of fear and success, so is there the possibility to capitalise on your success? To make the spiral grow, instead of just going round and round the same lumpy track, eating its own tail?

Over the past few years, technology has created opportunities for serving clients at a distance and over time without being physically present - especially in businesses like ours where the product is our own experience and expertise coupled with (crucially important) our own unique take on them.

As someone with a long history in Product Development, that's music to my ears!

The scope for creating long-term recurring income from product sales to augment consulting or one-to-one business is whatever form is unrivalled. Video technology is cheap and freely available. Hosting services are there to be found to suit every pocket.

Once again, the most attractive possible way out might be founded on making the most of your own uniqueness.

I've created an infographic to summarise all seven Deadly Sins: you can download it free, print it off and put it somewhere near your desk as a daily reminder of some of the common traps by which we, as business owners, can find ourselves unwittingly and oh so easily seduced.

Download it here:

Seven Deadly Sins Infographic Download

To your business success!


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