Series: "The Seven Deadly Sins of Business"

#3: The Great Lead Generation Gamble

Lead-generation often seems to be the poor relation in a business – odd, because that’s where the actual business comes from.

In so many businesses I see and speak to, the process of lead-generation is at best haphazard, and in many cases left until the client work has dried up and then it’s a matter of some panic to grab whatever opportunities can be grabbed, at whatever cost.

Of course, that contributes to feeling the Big Squeeze, because the business feels forced to discount heavily to secure the work, and it’s one of the biggest reasons businesses suffer on the Bottom Line Boneshaker.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We live in an extraordinary time when it is possible to harness readily available, inexpensive technology to create automated, evergreen lead generation processes that can bet set up and, once they are tuned and tested, left to run with very little day-to-day intervention.

What that means is two things.

First, the business has a readily accessible pool of prospects to reach out to when it’s clear that more business of a given type is needed.

Second, this same pool of prospects is likely to be interested in the results of the sort of product developments I mentioned earlier.

It seems to be a feature, however, of much of the self-employed professional type of business that ‘sales’ and even ‘marketing’ are rather dirty words – seen as a little bit sleazy and aggressive.

That doesn’t need to be the case.

Consider that ‘marketing’ is simply announcing to the world that you do what you do and why it’s helpful; and, when people have found you, ‘sales’ is simply granting access to your services to the people who want to work with you!

It’s important to embrace sales and marketing for what they really are: the single most important activity of a business.

Without them, everything else stops.

And to accept that they don’t have to be high-pressure, hard-sell.

Skilled and persuasive? Yes, of course.

But sleazy and aggressive?


I've created an infographic to summarise all seven Deadly Sins: you can download it free, print it off and put it somewhere near your desk as a daily reminder of some of the common traps by which we, as business owners, can find ourselves unwittingly and oh so easily seduced.

Download it here:

Seven Deadly Sins Infographic Download

To your business success!


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