Series: "The Seven Deadly Sins of Business"

#5: The Domino Defect

Ever sat in a quiet restaurant, unable to attract the attention of a waiter?

Or gone to buy something online and found the checkout process incomprehensible?

Or arranged for a plumber to give a quote and – they didn’t show up.

Or tried to find something ‘obvious’ on a company’s website – only to discover it’s not there or it’s been so carefully hidden you waste an hour tracking it down?

Or sat through a webinar where the first half hour is the presenter droning on about themselves?

Or been stuck in some call centre hell, being passed from agent to agent and nothing getting solved. Or, worse, being bounced from automated message to automated message…

And how did that make you think (and feel) about those businesses?

Successful businesses are focusing more and more on creating excellent experiences, as well as delivering excellent results.

So it pays to take the time to think through the experience you are creating for your clients and prospects, from beginning to end.

And there are two reasons you might want to do this.

First, the smoother the process, the more attractive your business will appear and the more pleasurable it will be to do business with you.

Conversely, if there are hiccups and bumps and gaps in the experience then you risk two things: first, clients will be more likely to go somewhere else for a smoother ride. And, second, it will soak up your own precious time and resources in fixing the consequences when things could perhaps have been done right first time on time.

The second reason is this:

If there are hiccups, bumps and gaps in your lead-generation processes then you risk holding back the growth of your business because you will fail to engage some or all of the visitors who pass through. If there are hiccups, bumps and gaps in your sales processes then you risk missing sales that might have been easily made. If there are hiccups, bumps and gaps in your client retention processes, then you risk waving goodbye to clients who would, in all probability, have been only too happy to work with you again.

The flow of clients through your business is like a chain of dominoes: the whole experience should be a smooth, flowing cascade of experience leading seamlessly from first encounter through to creating a valuable long-term business relationship.

If even one of your dominoes is stuck? Then the cascade stops right there. If one is set up a bit wrong, it falls over sideways and that’s it. If one is missing, the cascade will reach the gap and silence will fall.

I’m not at all saying it’s easy to create consistently smooth experiences. It takes creativity and work and testing and inquiry, but in the end, it’s the experience that gets remembered and talked about, not necessarily the results – however good they were!

I've created an infographic to summarise all seven Deadly Sins: you can download it free, print it off and put it somewhere near your desk as a daily reminder of some of the common traps by which we, as business owners, can find ourselves unwittingly and oh so easily seduced.

Download it here:

Seven Deadly Sins Infographic Download

To your business success!


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