Series: "The Seven Deadly Sins of Business"

#7: The Grasshopper Deception

So many possibilities, so little time…

The business environment we have today is quite incredible. We are offered opportunities for growing and streamlining our businesses from every corner. Endless social media platforms. New messaging platforms. New video platforms. New systems to do this, new systems to do that. And then suddenly the rules change and we’re at the mercy of the casters-of-fear-and-doubt as they cynically capitalise on the uncertainty (GDPR ring any bells?).


Frankly it can be really hard to know which way to turn, especially if you don’t have clear goals and, based on those, a crystal-clear understanding of what you need to achieve - and knowing what is really just just icing on the cake.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the hype about some shiny new thing that, in reality, can only ever bring you some tiny marginal gain.

For most of us, we are a million miles away from playing the marginal gains game.

What we are focused on is the big rocks – the core principles, platforms and processes that will be the powerhouse driving the regular, consistent, measurable and repeatable results we want to see.

Even so, we mostly find ourselves faced with baffling choices about where we focus. If we conclude that, for example, social media is an important channel-to-market for us (and it probably is), well, which channel?

Could be any one of a dozen.

And what strategy?

All this choice means it’s really hard to make a decision: after all, any of them could work!

And the consequence can often be that we end up trying to do them all at once, doing none of them well and taking forever to see any results at all! Days are spent hopping from one thing to another, never giving any one thing the commitment and focused effort it takes to test, measure, adjust and test again until the results start to come good.

Imagine you’re trying to cross a river. You could make a raft, you could build a bridge. Perhaps you could throw a rope across and crawl across it.

The point is that you wouldn’t ever dream of doing them all at once.

You would naturally choose the one you thought would work most quickly and easily and concentrate on doing that one single thing. You can build the other bridges later.

Yet when it comes to business, I so often see people trying to make the raft, build the bridge and tie the rope all at the same time - while trying to tread water with everything else that needs doing!

So if you step back for a moment and discover that you are flitting between one thing and another and another, but not really making much headway with any of them, now you know what to do.

Choose one.

Make it work.

Move on...

I've created an infographic to summarise all seven Deadly Sins: you can download it free, print it off and put it somewhere near your desk as a daily reminder of some of the common traps by which we, as business owners, can find ourselves unwittingly and oh so easily seduced.

Download it here:

Seven Deadly Sins Infographic Download

To your business success!


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